Accredited Basic Hairdresser's Course

”Elena Petrache Academy” is the perfect choice for those who want to become professional Hairstylists and who want to know the art of Hair Shaping.

The range of services available starts from the Basic Hairdresser’s Course, which is ACCREDITED by the ANC ( NATIONAL AUTHORITY FOR QUALIFICATIONS), to many complex training courses for any level of training.

Do you have minimal education and want to become a professional Hairstylist or do you need to perfect your own skills?

At ”Elena Petrache Academy” you can find the most advanced Basic Course accredited by the ANC (NATIONAL AUTHORITY FOR QUALIFICATIONS ), but also the numerous physical and online prefection courses.

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Best experience. Amazing results. Hairstilist expert. Just two days of the workshop were enough to learn the latest trends in hairstyles. Thank you, I can't wait to see what next year's seminar will bring me.


Stylist expert. Amazing results. Thank you Elena Petrache for the patience, dedication, and artistry, which guided me in the Universul Coafurii workshop! What a great pleasure, I will participate again any time! Succes! Recomand cu încredere!


Amazing results. Investing in knowledge is the best achievement! I had the great opportunity to participate in an amazing seminar held by Elena Petrache, where I learned a lot of important hairstyling techniques. Thank you again for your patience and dedication! I fully recommend Elena Petrache's workshops. The best!