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How to correctly apply pearls and rhinestones on the hair

November 11, 2021

We’ve gotten used to seeing hairdressing women who are more or less extravagant. The secret of a shiny look are pearl accessories and multicolored hair stones. In great demand, they are found in various sizes, shapes and colors. They give the hairstyle shine, perfect elegance and create, to the one who wears it, an image of a diva.

In the following they will present you, step by step, the secret of catching accessories with stones and pearls, as well as the products that will considerably ease your work.

As a hairstylist you can put your imagination to work better than ever when you have to offer a perfect hairstyle. So that the stone accessories do not fall out of the hairstyle, it is important to apply the appropriate glue. My recommendation is Tabya lashes adhesive for lash tape, professional product, resistant, formula that dries transparently and washes easily with shampoo and warm water.


– Take a simple stone without glue and apply glue from the container, evenly, on the side behind it;
– Wait 10-15 seconds to dry before being applied to the hairstyle in the place of our choice.

Simple, right? With all the fluctuations in fashion, what accessories do you choose to decorate the hairstyles of your clients with?


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