- 60 RON


540,00 RON



Plates coating reflective gold titanium
Temperature range 160-240°C
plates dimensions 27×95 mm
Floating plates yes
Temperature Indicator yes
outer casing Soft Touch Pro
Auto stop after 60 min
Temperature regulator electronic
Cable rotary ,3 m
Rubber Tipped yes
Temperature adjustment 5 (160°C-180°C-200°C-220°C-240°C)
Iron length 29 cm
Weight 245 g, without cable
Consumption 50W
Voltage 210-240V 50HZ/60HZ
LED indicator yes
Iron Dimensions 290х32 mm
closed-open fixator yes
Set Heat Proof thermal case, instructions
Method of use hair straightening, beach waves curls
Specific Swiss Gold coating
Warranty 12 months

Professional hair straightener BE-UNI GOLD TITAN V069 with plates covered with reflective gold titanium is perfect for creating perfect curls with a diameter of 32 mm and straightening the hair

The hair straightener with gold titanium coating is made of high quality plastic, ceramic, with a unique layer of SwissGold plates – titanium mirror coating, 10 cm long, 3 cm wide. Used to style and straighten hair The temperature of this instrument and the rounded shape of the carcass are ideal for quick straightening and curling of the hair of any density The iron is equipped with a button for switching the 5 levels and temperature modes, you also benefit from ultra-fast heating. The length of the professional rotating cable is 3 meters The hair straightener is covered with a high quality Soft Touch PRO layer

The unique design of the styling tool combines the two floating plates and a cylindrical housing to create flawless curls or perfectly straight hair. With a revolutionary cylindrical housing that adapts to any method of curling, you can most easily create curls while providing maximum maneuverability

The instrument perfectly warms the strand, giving it a chic shine and instantly curls the loop! It is used both for straightening and for curling hair. Thanks to the innovative layer of the SwissGold plate – the gold titanium coating, which eliminates negatively charged ions, the hair structure retains its integrity, and the hairstyle stands out with a chic shine.

Gold Mirror Titanium is the most advanced layer for styling tools and the only material that has perfect uniform heating and simultaneous ionization. But, above all, it is suitable for professional purposes, when a high temperature is needed and the curling time is limited.

Thin, dyed and frail hair reacts very quickly to the action of the heating plates, therefore it is recommended to process them at a temperature that does not exceed 200 ° C – this will help prevent hair damage For curly and thick hair, a temperature of 220 ° C is suitable. For hair restoration procedures with keratin or botox, a special temperature regime must be applied – 240°C. The optimal mode will be determined during use. Also, the lower the temperature, the weaker the curls when they are curled. That means, the heating mode must be selected individually, depending on the hair structure, the desired hairstyle or cosmetic procedure.

Titanium gold reflective coating – This is the only material that has ultra-fast heating with simultaneous ionization The device can be used even on damp hair, with appropriate styling products applied to the hair Uniform heat dissipation has a delicate effect on the hair and, as a result, the strand or curl is smooth, with a silky shine The device is suitable for both long and short hair

Soft Touch PRO soft-touch coating is a special “soft” plastic layer (resembles rubber to the touch), more scratch-resistant, pleasant to the touch and does not slip in the hand . And the LUX-matte finish of such a coating is created to make the cover more durable and easier to clean from dirt and cosmetics with wet wipes or a soft cloth The device is equipped with an overheating protection system: the device will switch off automatically after 60 minutes of inactivity

The kit comes with a comfortable cover with Heat Proof technology (heat resistant), and the instrument itself is equipped with a plate locking mechanism, which is extremely convenient for transportation The 3 m rotating cable allows you to move the device easily and without inconveniences

Recommendation The plates can be cleaned with a soft cloth or napkin, but always in a warm state. This will prevent damage to the coating.

Directions for use . Prepare your hair for the straightening procedure by applying a thermal protection and care product. Connect the hair straightener to the network, press the power button, select and set the optimal temperature regime After the special indicator has stopped flashing, the hair straightener is ready for use As soon as you have finished the procedure, turn off the device from the power button, then unplug the power cord


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