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Description :

Care kit for professional tools was developed from extremely efficient products, taking into account all the characteristics and types of dirt and deposits.


Light Degree of dirt (deposits):

– grease after using hot tools on dirty hair

– matte effect on tools from treatments on hair with keratin / botox

For this degree of dirt use Microfibra Assistant

How to use: Heat the tool to a temperature of 80 ℃ – 130 ℃. Unplug the device from the electrical outlet Then gently moisten the Microfibra napkin and wipe the dirty areas with small circular motions. To clean the body of the instrument, we recommend using an antiseptic / disinfectant spray together with a Microfiber Assistant napkin.


Medium Degree of dirt (deposits):

– sticky from hairspray and other styling products

– remains deposited after burning

For this degree of dirt use Nano Sponge

How to use: First slightly moisten the sponge with water. Then, squeezing excess water, wipe the dirt with the corner of the sponge “like a eraser” for more economical use. After cleaning, for best results, it is recommended to wipe the cleaning area with the Microfiber Assistant napkin.


Hard Degree of dirt (deposits):

-deposits after melting protein hair (artificial)

– old remains of burnt hair and styling products

For this degree of dirt use Cleaning Pencil

How to use: The room where the tool (instrument) will be cleaned must be ventilated. It is recommended to use a silicone mat, disposable napkins and, if necessary, gloves. Heat the tool to a temperature of 80 ℃ – 130 ℃,after unplug the device from the electrical outlet. Apply the Cleaning Pencil on the heated surface. Wipe the drops of dirt with a napkin. After cleaning the tool (instrument) with Cleaning Pencil, it is recommended to wipe the cleaned surface with the Microfiber Assistant napkin for a shiny result.


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