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The most suitable professional brushes for a perfect hairstyle

November 11, 2021

The most beautiful hairstyles often require time, talent, but also styling tools that you need to choose carefully. And I don’t just mean the hairdryer, curling iron or plate, but the basic tools, such as brushes or comb.

Here are the most suitable brushes depending on the type of hair and use to get the perfect hairstyle.

Large Antistatic Carbon Brush or professional antistatic round carbon antistatic brush for medium and short hair. This brush helps you in arranging hair, curls and creates volume. It also effectively and evenly dries the hairs thanks to the ceramic tube that heats up quickly, and the brushes do not let the strands tangle.

Jumbo Hot Brush Carbon is ideal for hair with dense texture and medium to long length. It offers volume and quick drying as with the Large brush. It is ideal for layered hairstyles.

Grooming Antistatic Brush Carbon from pig hair treated with antistatic effect recommended, in particular, for untangling or finishing medium and long hair, blonde hair and with extensions. The composition of the brushes does not break the hair which is why it also suits children.

Paddle – Anristatic Carbon Brush is another brush from the Label.m with antistatic effect for drying large sections of thick and long hair. Professionally designed, this brush is essential in case of drying and untanglement of long and dense hair. The wide base allows for natural movements while antistatic nylon brushes reduce electrification.

Different brushes have different effects on the hair. So, if you want to complete your collection of styling accessories these four brushes are indispensable.

With love, Elena Petrache!

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