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Your hair: about smooth strands

November 12, 2021

The way you style your hair can be an important asset when you want to impress. Another type of wedding hairstyle that is worth considering is the one accompanied by light strands. The change may be small, but its effect will certainly be noticed by those around you. Find out why!

They benefit anyone and especially people who have a round face. The secret to a successful hairstyle are the strands left on the face. They correct the shape of the face, elongate it, hide the ear and in some cases diminish the effect of the wide neck.

Moreover, it adds delicacy to the face, gives femininity and brings out the eyes. With just a few strands your hairstyle will benefit, in addition, they are also indicated for women who have a hair with little volume.

Disadvantages. The weather outside and the structure of the hair are often the main causes of why the strands do not last all day, taking into account that they come right in front. If they are constantly touched they will lose their shape and destroy the image of the hairstyle. Which we don’t want.

The stylist’s advice. More and more brides are unreliable when it comes to leaving or not a few strands on the face in the hairstyle. Regardless of the decision made, your hairstyle can contain strands only in the first part of your event: photo session, registration or wedding. Subsequently, your stylist can provide a few small hairpins and the necessary training to be able to catch them so that they do not create discomfort for you in the second part of the event: dancing and banquet.

Until next time.
With love, Elena Petrache!

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