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Zigzag Hair Iron and how to properly creponate the hair

November 11, 2021

The secret of an absolutely wonderful hairstyle lies in the preparation of hair. In this article I show you how to CREPONATE correctly the hair without it being very obvious in the hairstyle, to achieve a natural volume and a more resistant texture.

How to use the hair ZIGZAG HAIR IRON for Hairstyles ? The ZIGZAG HAIR IRON is distinguished from the iron straightener in that it has some zigzag pads, which create the so-called creponate texture.

To correctly achieve this texture it is important to start with the back of the head, and dividing the hair into small strands, you CREPONATE them from the root. In other words, tighten a portion of hair with the ironn, sit like this for a few seconds, after which you release it. Then move the iron where the creponate texture ends and continue this way over a length of 10 cm.

It is very important not to sprinkle too much the strand so as not to destroy the appearance of the hairstyle. Likewise, zigzas of your Creponnate Iron, they must be small, otherwise you will not be able to easily open the strand, nor to texture the hair beautifully.

If you are using the Iron for the first time, the temperature of 180 degrees is enough to achieve a uniform texture and not damage the hair.

In the video that follows, I quickly demonstrate how to correctly Creponate your hair in the back and face section for a perfect finish.

– temperature of 180 degrees;
– we start with the part behind the head;
– we divide the hair into thin strands and Creponate them from the ear to the ear to the top of the head;
– for the front part, the path is made in the middle and creponate on both sides of it;
– do not press the creponate iron to avoid creating a deep drawing on the hair;

Now that you know how to use the Creponate Iron correctly , I challenge you to hairstyle. How about?

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